Vision & Mission

Our passion drives creativity and innovation, creating bold solutions for our clients. We inspire powerful minds by embracing a global mindset, diversity and training to build skills that stretch the imagination.

To solve the world’s greatest challenges by inspiring powerful minds to create bold solutions.

• To be a valued partner to our clients and an asset to our communities.
• We will undertake and deliver any project, regardless of size, which we pursue.
• To provide a differentiated offering resulting in value-for-value returns.
• TEMC will have the financial strength required to support our business objectives.
• Remain a member-owned company.

• TEMC will be an agent of change for its clients, employees, and community.
• TEMC will seek to understand the unique needs of each client, offering a customized solution using highly motivated, highly skilled team ad tools.
• TEMC will challenge the status quo and establish connections that has a significant impact on our clients.

TEMC is a values-based organization. Our Core Values serve as the governing foundation of our organization. They are important philosophies we use to guide us in making decisions.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships
• Enrich/enhance/deepen
• Listen, respect, and value diversity
• Build long-term relationships of trust
Commitment and Accountability
• Fulfill responsibilities
• Achieve profitable growth
• Celebrate our successes
• Do the right thing, every time
Learning and Development (Commitment to Grow)
• Constant development of our capabilities and talents
• Create opportunities for career growth
• Participate in our professional organizations
Excellence in All We Do
• Enhance quality and sustainability
• Deliver innovative solutions
• Encourage new ideas and diverse ways of thinking